Tyler, labelled the clumsy sporto, is a competitor of Total Drama The Island (Season 1). He is played by Brandon1998

Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown

Team Is Chris Really Really Really Really Hot (Original)

Team Winners (Current)

Episode eliminated


Place TDTI:
Played by Brandon1998


Season OneEdit

In Welcome to Camp Reloaded pt. 2, Tyler was one of the first to jump off the cliff, just before forming an alliance with Heather to make it to the final 2. After that, Tyler made sure the alliance stayed in place, meanwhile Owen was planning his milkshake and lost. Then Tyler and Heather chose Owen to go home. And it was succesful.

In Battle of the Sexists (Minute to eat it), Tyler ate all of the disgusting food and cheered on his team. Before the final round, he kissed Beth and said he liked Beth and thought that she was cute in the confessional. In the final round, Tyler cheered for Alejandro and the boys to win.

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