aftermath's will be held on the wiki exsculsvliey. and will be held here insted of the IRC Channel. the host's are Blaineley, Josh & Melissa they will interview the eliminated contestants. and there will be eight aftermath's.

Total Drama The Reloaded Aftermath I: Owen, Sadie & Other's Over Troubled WaterEdit

Sadie: Hi everyone!!

Josh: Hey

Baniley: Welcome!

Melissa: Hey

Owen: Dudes...this is AWESOME!!!

Melissa: Let's start with liindsay.

Melissa: Lindsay why din't you hurry to win the challange.

Lindsay: Couse chip was there.

Melissa: Okay. Who Did you like.

Lindsay: Um.........................................Duncan.

Melissa: Okay.

Baniley: Owen Your Next After This Brake.


Harold: Gosh

Josh: owen how is your relastionship with courtney going.

Owen: AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

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