TDTA Aftermath I: Melissa or No Josh
Season 2, Episode 5
Date Played July 25, 2010
Guest(s) Maria, Noah & Ezekiel
Video Guest(s) TBA
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"The Phantom Of The Owen"
"The Almost Wedding Crashers"


The aftermath starts off with Bainley,, Josh and Melissa inteviweing the three loosers. then they asked zeke some questons he said that he wanted to return. then they inteviwen mairia and noah. and they argued and then they signed off


User Role


TT66 Melissa
Teddy10 Maria
Tdi Noah
Webly Ezekiel



  • This aftermath's will air before the episode before it. so will most likely have spoilers.
  • This episode's title is a reference to Deal or No Deal.
  • The episode aired but didn't have any spoilers.
  • This episode mentions that maria is going to sew chris.

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