Team Winners
Gender Male
Hair color Yellow
Eye color {{{eyes}}}
Episode Eliminated TDTI: Welcome To Camp Reloaded, Part 2
Place TDTI: 23rd
Relationship Courtney
Friends Cody, Izzy, Duncan, Chris
Played by TDALindsayfan1


Season OneEdit


Owen at Brakefist

In Welcome To Camp Reloaded, Part 1, Owen arrived at camped and was happy. he even asked out courtney. and they were happy. during the race up to the cliff he happiled sang. and him and courtney made out alot.

In Welcome To Camp Reloaded, Part 2, Owen and his team almost one the challange untill he lost his stick. makeing his team losing. the last marshmallow was supossed to go to eather duncan or owen but ended up do to duncan.

In Total Drama Aftermath I, He revield that him and courtney's relationship was fine. and that there going to be togther forever.


Owen asking out courtney