The Screaming Up's
Gender Male
Episode Eliminated TDTA:
Place TDTA: 13
Family Jessie-Sister
Friends Eva, Izzy, Maria, Mark
Enemies Duncan (Possibly)
Played by Brandon1998


Season TwoEdit

In Indiana Geoff In the Crystal Skulls, Part 1 , Javier was the second last person to arrive.

In Indiana Geoff In the Crystal Skulls, Part 2, Javier made an alliance and made some friends. In the challenge, he found 106 skulls. At the elimination ceremony, he voted for Bridgette and Justin.

In Rock n' Rule, Javier cheered when his team won the challenge.

In Alejandro: the Killer Snowman, Javier was shocked when Alejandro returned to the game. He was the fifth person to get captured and voted for Bridgette and Justin to be eliminated.