A Relationship between Justin and Izzy

Season OneEdit

In Total Drama Aftermath III: Hustle To Beth-ssle Izzy Broke up with dj so she started dating with justin and they were making out.

In Where Do The Losers Go (Total Drama Aftermath III) They were seen making out in the pool.

In Total Drama Aftermath IV: The Final Court-Down (Season One Recap) She Was Shown In Flash-backs

In The Big Final they were cheering for sierra

In Total Drama Drama Drama Drama Drama The Island they made it to the next season along with eva and sierra

Season TwoEdit

In Indiana Geoff In the Crystal Skulls, Part 2 They Along With eva Were finding skulls together and they found 70 and won and eva and izzy had to be team captains and she picked Justin

In Rock n' Rule they were making out at the end of the episode.

In Alejandro: the Killer Snowman Izzy told javier bad news and she kissed justin during the bad news. Also at the end of the episdoe they were making out.