Going Fast is the fifth song to be sunged in Total Drama The Island. It will be featured in Camping Out Doors.


Bridgette: Cool hottie!

Alejhandro: we gatto go fast

Heather: I'm with you babe!

G|A|I|B|G|E> Eva: were burning up

Cody: You just noticed that?

Sierra; now

Katie: what

Cody: Oh hey Sierra!

Sierra: hey

Leshwannah: i need to go

DJ: What is that that I smell?

Bridgette: I don't know

Ezekiel: Me either eh


Gwen: i see the camp site

Bridgette: Cool Gwen! *high fives Gwen*

Beth: let's hurry

Gwen": we won

Tyler: I am hurrying *trips*

Evreyone: yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh were going fast yeah


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