Season 1, Episode 13
First Aired (USA) July 21, 2010
Song(s) I Don't Wanna Go
Challenge Paintball Challange
Winner(s) Team Winners, Team Chris Is Really Really Hot
Eliminated Geoff
Episode Guide
"Total Drama Aftermath II: Adventures in Eliminations"
"Battle of the Sexists"


The episode started with Sierra drinking coke. All of the players were called for a challenge. First was extreme pinball. Alejandro, Bridgette, and Zeke went individually for their teams. It was a close score but Zeke won in the end with Bridgette in second and Alejandro in third and his team won immunity and didn't have to participate in part 2 of the challenge. Ezekiel won major cool points and DJ was seen proud of him. Part 2 was extreme pacman. Geoff and Sierra went and Sierra won her team immunity. During the elimination, Sierra and Izzy made an alliance. It was musical number time after one marshmallow was given and DJ, Cody, and Geoff were at risk of going. The next marshmallow went to DJ and Cody leaving Geoff eliminated. Geoff got mad but Bridgette calmed him down with making out with him. There was some other make outs with Heather and Alejandro, also a kiss by Beth and Tyler.






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