Season 2, Episode 22
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"Aftermath IV: The Finals"
"Walk Like An Brazilian - Part One"






  • The Interns name Is Revealed To Be Gunter
  • this episode revealed the fallowing details:
    • Izzy has been missing but it was reveald that she was hiding for the RCMP.
    • Lindsay lost weight because of Beth.
    • Sierra cheated on Cody with Alejandro.
    • Mark became a Actor but failed do to cursing at the cast.
    • Heather has became a dog food tester.
    • Zeke became a raper but failed.
    • Bridgette used the money she won on a Cruise.
    • Katie & Sadie went to jail.
    • Gwen is not Goth anymore.
    • Eva went to prison for stealing. but Escaped 3 weeks later.
    • Jessie and Mark are Engaged.
    • Alejandro is now working for the cops.
    • The whole gang is not 17 years old.

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