Camping Out Doors
Season 1, Episode 8
First Aired (USA) July 19, 2010
Song(s) Going Fast, Camping (I'am Scared Of The Dark)
Challenge Survival In The Woods
Winner(s) Team Sierra Is Really Really Hot
Eliminated Gwen
Episode Guide
"Total Drama Aftermath I: Sadie, Owen and Others Over Troubled Water"
"Are You Afraid?"


The day started out with a race to a camp site. Gwen got their first along with her team. In the song, Going Fast they announced that. Geoff and Cody arrive and start pitching the tent. Later, Tyler and Beth shocked everyone becoming a couple. Cody revealed in a confessional he liked Sierra. During all of this DJ was helping Zeke now nicknamed "Zeke" to find his cool. The reprise of Going Fast came next and then everyone immeadiately fell asleep. In the morning, Bridgette & Eva were the first people awake. They ran back and their team won. Although none of Team Chris responded, Team Winners lost. At the shocking elimination Team Winners voted Katie out where she would be reunited with her BFF and Bridgette would have fulfilled her promise but Gwen quit so Katie could stay. In the end questions were still unanswered like if Sierra will find out that Cody likes her or if Alejandro and Heather were a couple because Heather regretted liking Alejandro but called him babe later.


User Role
TT66 Chris
TDF24 Alejandro
Webly Cody


Beth: I'm scared

Geoff: Me too!

Tyler: (CONF) Beth is so hot when she's scared.

Beth: Tyler do you maybe want to be a couple?

Tyler: Surez hot stuff!




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