Camping (I'am Scared Of The Dark) is the sixth song to be sunged in Total Drama The Island. It is featured in Camping Out Doors. and It' it the reprise version of Going Fast.


Beth: Um,,,,,, Were scared of the dark

Bridgette: We're going fast and we're scared of the dark

Geoff & Eva: there's bugs evreywhere

Tyler: We gotta go fast!

Cody: You just noticed that

Bridgette: Let's hurry

Ezekiel: We got to go

DJ: Ezekiel defend your mojo

Katie: were hungry

Heather: and tired

Cody: but not ironed

Gwen: so let's end this song

Evreyone: let's go to sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep

Bridgette: So lets go, we're scared of the dark!

Evreyone: yeah


  • This is the first song to have a reprise in the season, that being Going Fast.
  • Going Fast is the orignal song.

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